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Paragliders and Parachutes

• Shahaf Paragliders – Tel: 052-2805944, 050-4333096 (Ofer).
• Dvir Paragliders – “Looking Birds in the Eye” – an experiential flight with a guide in a motor paraglider above the cliffs in Netanya beach. Tel: 050-8333100/103.
• Moonair Aviation Ltd – An unforgettable experience of flights for tourists to all locations in Israel. Herzliya and Sde Dov Airports. Tel: 09-9587280 Fax: 09-9509694.
• Agur Paragliders – Tel: 03-5067461.
• Shamaiim Paragliders – Tel: 052-2223221, 09-9549788.


• National Bowling – 2 Hatzuran Street, Sapir Business and Technology Park, Netanya. Tel: 09-8852853.
• Netanya Bowling – under renovation. 16 Shechterman Street, Industrial Zone Kiryat Eliezer, Netanya. Te: 09-8625514.

Jeep Trips

• Elik – Tel: 050-5315277, 050-6999000.
• Hayoun Jeeps – Tel: 052-2660759, 04-6293133.
• Wandering Wing – Jeep tours in Netanya, its surroundings and all around the country. There is a possibility for a few-day trip for organized groups, including sleeping arrangements. Havatzelet Hasharon, 11 Derech Hachof, Tel: 09-8321846.
• Herman’s Wanderers  - jeep, tractor and bicycle trips, snepling, field meals. Tel: 050-8941055, 050-5403156 Extreme Sports
• Maya Center – Roller blade and skateboard center, ramps area, professional skating arena, rental of skating equipment, beginners course. 26 Shechterman Street, Industrial Zone Kiryat Eliezer, Netanya, Tel: 09-8841818.
• “Dani Hi Park” – Family Extreme Sports Center – fascinating activities for the whole family: snepling, climbing wall, omega, horseback riding, sportive shooting, and archery. Tel: 04-6260463.


• Iron balls Bowling – open every day including weekends, 4 Ichilov Street, Netanya, Tel: 09-8341913, 050-5300542.


• Netanya Carting – a variety of carting vehicles for all levels. Giborey Israel Street, Sapir Business and Technology Park, Netanya, Tel: 09-8854477, 09-8357324.

Horseback Riding

• The Ranch – horseback-riding classes, moonlight riding near Havatzelet Hasharon. Open all weekdays. Tel: 09-8663525, 054-4592180.
• Elik’s Ranch – horseback riding along Michmoret cliffs and dunes, Bedouin hosting and an area for animals. The farm is located north of Michmoret beach. Tel: 050-5315227, 050-6999000.


• Tel Mond Museum – House of the Lord. Historic museum and archive for the history of the Tel Mond area. Open 10:30 – 13:00. Visits for clubs and groups should be prearranged. Tel: 09-7961973, 09-7961120, Ruth Gersten House.
• “Rali” Museum – Caesarea. Free entrance. Open every day except Sunday and Wednesday, 10:30-15:00. January & February open only during weekends in the same hours. Tel: 04-6261013, 04-6360588.
• Tractor’s History Museum - a collection of tractors from the beginning of the previous century, which were used by Israeli settlers. Tel: 09-8941055, 052-2452457.
• “Khan” Museum – Hadera. The museum features a permanent exhibition of the history of settlement in Israel since the 19th century until the first decade of the state of Israel. Video films, guidance for individuals and groups, workshops, events, exhibition garden, a library dedicated for the history of settlement and a historic archive of the city. Open Sunday to Thursday 08:00-13:00, Sunday & Tuesday also 16:00-18:00, Friday: 09:00-12:00. Tel: 04-6324562.

Additional Attractions

• Iris Reservation and surrounding area – We begin at the gardens spreading on the gravel cliffs along the beach overlooking the open sea. We continue to the Iris Reservation in the south of the city, which hosts a large concentration of purple Irises (which blossom in February-March). Across the road, there is a winter pond surrounded by eucalyptus trees, where water foul spend the winter. The Winter Pond Park is entirely made of wood and includes games and facilities for children.
• Hasharon Park – Alexander stream – We enter the park through the rail station of Hadera and head south in dirt tracks. In Tavor Oak Park there are many eucalyptuses and carobs, a lake, water foul, wide lawns and an information center operated by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Tours and trips are free of charge. Hadera Stream has undergone an extensive renovation, purification and development process and is now a blossoming garden featuring varied flora, beautiful hiking paths and sitting areas. If you walk quietly, you may spot numerous animals the like of water foul, fish and sometimes turtles.
• Halitufim Farm – A great place for children. You can play with the animals and feed them. The farm is the home for geese, chicks, sheep, goats, hares, turtles and ponies whose back you can ride, and much more. Havatzelet Hasharon. Open weekends, during the summer months 10:00-17:00. Tel: 09-8663098, 054-4866309.
• “Aninim” Club – “Aninim” Club, which is located in Havetzelet Hasharon, offers cooking and baking workshops, taught by chefs and accompanied by free wine, gourmet tasting and a lot of humor and good spirits – a wonderful experience to combine in your vacation. For details and reservations, please contact Zvia, Tel: 052-4688868.
• “Sahek Ota” – Game center of Emek Hefer. Bumping cars for children and adults, bumping motorboats in a huge pool, space ship, a variety of inflatable mattresses, inflatable mountain, gimburi, ball pool, climbing and sliding maze, a carousel and a wide variety of games with cars, motorbikes and trucks. Industrial Park Emek Hefer. Open Sunday to Thursday 09:00-18:00, Friday 09:00-13:00, Saturdays and holidays 10:00-18:00. Tel: 04-6323421.
• Kfar Hess Parrot Farm – animal areas, lecture class, special parrots and birds, petting areas, pony horses, transparent cubicles for watching hatching of parrots and creation area for children. Kfar Hess (near Tel Mond), Open Sunday to Thursday 10:00-16:00, Friday 10:00-15:00, weekends. Tel: 09-7961957, 09-7961773.
• Goose World – a unique project suitable for children’s curriculum and aided with modern technology presenting the development of geese in an experiential interactive way. There are petting and creation areas. Gan Haim (near Kfar Saba). Tel: 09-7444173.
• Ornat Chocolate Pleasures – visitors center offering visits for individuals and groups. Hasharon Industries Park, Kadima, Tel: 09-8913399, 057-537240.
• Poleg Nature Reserve – Tel Poleg. A nature reservation opposite Wingate Institute, spreading over 500 dunams and featuring beautiful flowers and trees such as Hasharon lily, purple Iris, Hasharon tulip, Hatavor oak and Israeli Pistacia. Not far from the reservation you will find Park Yakum, which contains a lake with geese, creation and extreme sports areas (open Saturdays for the wide public). The entrance to the park and the reservation is from Kvish Hachof, through the parking lot at the main entrance to Kibbutz Yakum. Access available only during weekends (subject to entrance fee), activities are only during winter. Tel: 09-9524234.
• Shefayim Li – An experiential park for the whole family situated near Shefayim Water Park. The park offers carting, field trips, boat rowing, entertainment facilities for children and much more. Open weekdays, Saturday and Holiday 09:00-19:00, Friday and Holiday eves until 17:00. Tel: 09-9566566.
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