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The "Seasons" Hotel invites you to enjoy the professionalism and impeccable service of the hotel staff during conferences, seminars, conventions, events, and festive dinners for employees, vacations and cocktail parties overlooking the sea.

Conferences and events can be held in various formats according to a specific menu which is custom made to fit your wishes and desires. Several venues are at your disposal: The Summer Wine & Dine hall overlooking the beach and promenade, the Summer Terrace, the Autumn Leaves and the luxurious business hall.

You can also celebrate birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, circumcision, Shabbat Chatan and any other family event.

In addition, there is a possibility to combine meals and lodging at the hotel.

We provide a variety of technical aids required to carry out a successful event, such as: screens, projectors, DVD connection, flip charts, modern amplifying system, Internet and so on.